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Great News from EFHOH! – Welttag für Hörgeschädigt


Great News from EFHOH! Finally we, EFHOH and IFHOH, have a real opportunity to receive the same attention in the public, such as EUD already has. I call this as equality among different social organizations!
“Dear friends on Facebook. We were contacted to share the news that WHO International Ear Care Day is to be renamed from 3rd March 2016 onward. We will now have World Hearing Day and we are pleased to share logo which will be part of the campaign.
The theme for 2016 is: Childhood hearing loss: act now, here is how!
WHO plans to release a brochure on the theme and will share advocacy materials including theme poster and banner in advance of the day.
Please share the news and join in planning activities for the next year.”


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