EFHOH Newsletter April 2018

Dear members and readers of EFHOH Newsletter, We are pleased to share with you the EFHOH Newsletter of April 2018. This time the document is not attached, but the link to EFHOH Newsletter April 2018 is enclosed in this e-mail. Enjoy reading on: https://www.efhoh.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/EFHOH-Newsletter-April-2018.pdf Kind regards, Aïda Regel Poulsen

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Hearing care – a sound investment

Press release: Hearing care – a sound investment Brussels, the 28th of February 2014: WHO is celebrating March 3rd as their International Ear Care day. WHO has identified a need for Member States to develop plans and programmes integrating prevention and management of hearing loss into the primary health care system of their member countries.16%… Weiterlesen Hearing care – a sound investment

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Prague Declaration – Prager Erklärung

Liebe Unterstützer und Freunde für alle Hörgeschädigte, vom 5. bis 7.4.2013 war die Jahreshauptversammlung von EFHOH, die in Prag durchgeführt wurde. Wichtigstes Thema beim Treffen war das Erreichen einer gemeinsamen Prager Erklärung von Adam Kosa, IFHOH und EFHOH 2013 Prague Declaration FINAL Der Schwerhörigenbund Österreich hat den Text in Deutsch übersetzt, freundlicherweise, worüber wir sehr… Weiterlesen Prague Declaration – Prager Erklärung

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Conference on COP 19 on 13 Nov 2013

Our The Greens/EFA are planning next conference accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing on 13 November as well as a very new format, a Questions and Answer session (with our Co-President, Rebecca Harms) exclusively for members of both communities.

Please find here the links to two videos announcing these event:
1) Conference on COP 19: http://youtu.be/w8Qvw9jmINE

2) Online Q & A session: http://youtu.be/uOxOYmSaGoA
The latter is taking place on 4 December at 17:30.
The corresponding video explains how people can send us their questions and how this Q & A session held in English with speech-to-text support and simultaneous IS interpretation is working.

We would very much appreciate if you could promote this event in your networks using the videos we made to announce both events.